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“He could get emotional and was crying sometimes, when he was speaking about important matters. When he found the proper values, the proper football, he got emotional. He was scary, I tell you” – Juan Mata reveals that Louis van Gaal felt things so intensely that he would often shed hot salty tears while giving team talks.

“Thank you for continuing posting your tea-timely emails despite the success of your Stop Football campaign. it’s a reassuring piece of normality among all the unreality” – Iain Moore (and no others).

“My nephew Tom is an important worker — a long-haul lorry driver. He recently took a crucial delivery from the north to Erith, outside London. Do I care what the load was? No. Am I concerned about his safety? Sure. But the primary thing I searched online once I learned about his trip was this: Erith Town FC is within the Premier division of the Southern Counties East League, which can be the ninth tier of the pyramid. Yup, I’m now a Dockers fan simply because of a truck trip” – Mike Wilner (in the USA! USA!! USA!!!)

“The vision of individuals leaving Old Trafford ‘sprinting to their cars … determined to succeed in their destination within the smallest possible timeframe and damn the consequences’ (Tuesday’s Fiver) are going to be easy to conjure for anyone conversant in the stints of Messrs. Di María, Depay, Sánchez etc in recent times. Although perhaps this may end after Pogba does his bit” – Christopher Smith. Wayne Coyle seems like the handsomest man in Derry, but he wasn’t the frontman for the Flaming Lips. That was Wayne Coyne” – Dara O’Reilly (and 1,056 others). judi bola terbaik judibolaterbaik.co

Send your letters to the.boss@theguardian.com. And you’ll always tweet The Fiver via @guardian_sport. Today’s winner of our prizeless letter o’the day is … Iain Moore.

Join Max and therefore the pod squad as they revisit the Hand of God.
Barcelona are studying the likelihood of applying a salary cut of up to 70% to all or any of their players for as long because the coronavirus lockdown lasts in Spain.

Meanwhile, Birmingham players on £6k or more per week are asked if they might be willing to trouser half their usual wage while football is under lockdown.

Barrow boss Ian Evatt has warned that the National League leaders would struggle to get over the punch of being denied promotion if the season is voided. “You cannot, you can’t , null and void it,” he roared. “We’ve been top for five months and nobody , no disrespect to anyone, has really come that on the brink of us.”

And England are knocked out of Euro 96 on penalties. Again.
“We were shouting: you would like to prevent and go inside.” Strong stuff from Fabrizio Romano on life under lockdown in Italy.
Jamie Fahey recalls his favourite game: Everton v Bayern Munich within the 1985 Pot Winners’ Cup. He played a stunning pass as a ballboy at Goodison that day.

Which teams have played ahead of faux fans? The Knowledge invites you to insert your own punchline here.
Paul Doyle hands out the gongs in his awards for the Premier League season thus far .

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