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“Holly, Jolly” in Stranger Things Watch Online

It is dark and the air is freaky; the sound of growling is notable. This opening  stranger things watch online shows to us a few things. We’re shown what’s at stake for Will and for any possible future kidnap victims who find themselves being dragged into whatever realm that is. It seems to be an almost exact replica of the planet we understand it, except dark and foreboding such as Silent Hill. The threat is real and it is coming for everybody.

The actual focus and highlight of the stranger things watch online, in my opinion, is Joyce. Originally, when we are first introduced to her, we get a feeling of an overly worked girl with a small anxiety issue. She shows no signs of having slept, grabbing a few winks here and there by the phone while waiting for any indication of Will calling her.

Whilst everybody is ignoring her as a woman in mourning, she’s starting to connect the dots to the way to communicate with Will. After a mad dash purchase of Christmas lights out of her job and preparing a plethora of lamps Will’s bedroom, she moans as she attempts to find a pattern of how the lights illuminate. She does know well enough that if the power starts going haywire, something isn’t right. This occurs when Mike’s mom and his little sister Holly come over to provide a shame casserole to Joyce in her time of need. Holly sneaks off and stares at the lights in Will’s room shine like a beacon until the wall reaches out to catch the bad toddler. Joyce rushes in and kicks both of them from the home, suggesting to me that she understands what’s up.

Near the end of the stranger things watch online, Joyce figures out a better way to communicate Will rather than the method of blinking lights to ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. She writes out the ABC’s on the living room wall, never mind the fact that it seems creepy as all get out, and begins having her child spell out his replies. In an eerily reminiscent moment that appeared pulled from Poltergeist, Will reacts to his mother by saying that he is ‘R-I-G-H-T-H-E-R-E’ before telling her to operate. This is where we see the monster attempting to push its way through the wall, further afield out Joyce as she runs as far away from the home as she can. She runs hysterically into Jonathan’s car and adopts him seeing cop cars coming. Why? Since it turns out Will’s body was found.

The cops discovering Will’s body will be important later, but how did they find it? After discovering a tunnel close to the diner where the proprietor “killed” himself, they discover that it contributes to Dr. Brenner’s lab at the border of the town. They try to enter the lab through the appropriate channels i.e. the front gate but are denied access. Finally, Hopper finds his way to the lab through his wits and charm and is shown that the lab footage discounts Hopper’s concept that Will climbed through that tube. But after much thinking, Hopper and his cops conclude that the footage is untrue because the footage lacked the rain which was happening when they were looking for Will that night.

This contributes Hopper into the library to hunt up anything he can about Dr. Brenner’s lab now that he’s been revealed their sleight of hand. He finds post postings detailing rumors regarding kidnapping, cruel experiments, as well as the peculiarities which were brought up regarding Brenner’s character. Hopper, before he could even consider what to do with this advice, receives a troubling call. This leads us to Will’s body being found at the quarry.

One last thing I’ll encounter is the flashbacks we have been becoming to supply us more details into ‘Eleven’ and her life before her escape. While viewing a Coca-Cola commercial inside Mike’s home, she triggers a flashback to when she was forced to crush a can with her mind while being viewed by Dr. Brenner and his guys. She’s hauled away to her room because of her refusal, but she kills the orderlies with her head from retaliation. Dr. Brenner comes in and comforts her, giving her the comfort she craves in this chilly environment. This stranger things watch online, while packaged with a great deal of information, began strongly and finished spectacularly. It gave us answers to questions which we had, but also gave us more to ponder while we await the next episode of stranger things.

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