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Things To Expect From Watch Game Of Thrones Online Season 7

For every Game Of Thrones fan like me, season 7 can’t come fast enough as Season 6 ended with a lot of controversies and unanswered questions. At King’s Landing, Cersei’s decision led to the catastrophic decision that could change the future of the 7 kingdoms and this is made even worse by the death of the High Sparrow, Mace Tyrell, Margaery Tyrell and others in the chapel.

As you already know when it comes to GOT, you should expect anything and that’s one of the reasons why we love the series so much. But as always we will always come up with the things that we expect and in most cases, our wishes often come to pass. So as the 7th season is being shot and edited in Belfast, We’ve come with 7 things that you should expect from the next season

Daenerys Will Not Become Queen

watch game of thrones onlineBack in Season 2 Daenerys had a vision that she sat on the iron throne and there have been a lot of speculations that this vision will come to pass in the next season, but it will most likely never happen even though it is expected that she will have it within our grasp. That would be farthest that she can go because she will most likely never be the queen of the seven kingdoms.

Kings Landing Will Burn

There is a high chance that smokes will go up in Kings landing and the fire will come from the “tongue” of the dragons of Daenerys and the fires beneath the Red Keep. This would draw everyone’s attention to Daenerys and the threat that possess with her armies of Dothraki.

Jorah Gets Cured

Jorah has been the unsung lead character from the back in all seasons of GOT and this is because even though he is not often put on the front burner. His Grayscale was a source of concern for him and the Daenerys and he chose to ban himself. But in spite of his condition, I don’t think he will be killed off because he still has a part to play and that wouldn’t happen if he is sick. The fact that Stannis opened to his daughter Sherren that he found a cure for her Greyscale before it led to her death, is a sign that Jorah still has a couple of episodes to go and you never know, he might just make it to the end.

Sansa Is Pregnant With Ramsey’s Child

We all love to hate to Ramsey and we might just have another reason to hate him even more because it is highly likely that Sansa is pregnant with his change and this could change a lot of things, not just for Sansa but also for Jon Snow.

And yes I know you are waiting to see the next 3 things to expect from Season 7, well we have saved the best for last so keep your eyes open for the next post that we got coming. Watch game of thrones online here.

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