Be Creative and Unusual with DIY Home Decor Ideas

DIY home decor ideas are unique and unusual ideas that can enhance your interior design. DIY concept of do it yourself concept is actually a kind of homemade decoration that can utilize any kinds of stuff that are unused. You can utilize anything you want to make your home looks greater than before. It also can be your alternative in order to save money. You can make anything you want through DIY concept and make the guests impressed with your new home decoration ideas. If you are curious about what kind of stuff you can make by utilizing unused thing, there are some ideas you may love to be copy.

The first idea is for your kitchen area. There will be unusual DIY home decor ideas for your kitchen window. As you know that window is the air circulation area and also as the area to give natural light from the sun. To make your window kitchen looks beautiful, you can utilize tablecloth as the window cover or decoration stuff as well. In this case, you do not new to sew again the tablecloth, you just need to flip it into triangle and hang it on the topside of the window. You can choose any color you want to make this tablecloth window cover. Next, for your living room, you can also utilize fringe scarf as you living room window treatment. You need to sew the topside of the scarf in order to hang it on the window rod and leave the fringe on the bottom side. This idea will give classic look for your living room.

diy home decor ideas kitchen

The other idea is DIY barn coffee table. If you love to gather in the living room or balcony while enjoying snack and coffee, you must need table to complete it. In this case, you do not need to buy new expensive table, but you can utilize the unused barn. This is one of efficient DIY home decor ideas you can really make yourself. To make it, you just need to clean it up and layer it with new wooden coat to make it looks good and new or you can also redesign it by giving wheels to make it easy to be move up. Besides of barn, you can also utilize unused warn door and design it to be small and low coffee table. To design it, you just need to cut the door based on the size you want and nail it strongly, then repaint it to show the look.


The last idea of DIY home decor ideas is flower vases for wall hanging or table. IF you have lots of unused bottle, you can utilize it to be flower vases. It may look ordinary, but you can change it into extraordinary by giving another color touch. For transparent bottle, you can paint it with any colors. Then, you can put it on the table or hang it on the wall by screwing the bottle. Those are some ideas you can practice to enhance your interior with DIY home decor ideas.

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Few Best Password Manager on The Web

Everyone has different opinions about the best password manager for their personal usage. Whereas software is good for a certain crowd of people, other people may not feel that way. Whereas person A is using software A, person B is more comfortable with software B. However, most password manager has the same functionality: to create well-managed and neat order of password database so your online moment won’t be too chaotic or confusing.

Among the many different types of password manager programs out there, some names truly stand out because of their ease of use, beneficial features, and easy arrangements. Despite the fact that they are free or paid, it doesn’t really matter because people don’t really mind spending certain amount of money on monthly basis for worthy service and clutter free arrangement. So, let’s take a look at some programs that are claimed to be the best password manager.

If you are an active online user, you must be familiar with LastPass. If you have loads of different passwords for different sites, importing them will be easy with this. You can forget the manual method as everything can be done automatically and simultaneously. When it comes to security, this software is truly powerful because it has a unique authentication based on your own fingerprints, if you buy the LastPass 3.0 Premium. You can also use support authentication through Google mobile app authenticator. Simply install it in your device and you are good to go!

Few Best Password Manager on The Web

This app also capture password and replay them when you visit the websites again, saving you time and energy. You can even change the password and this app will save the changes. Like other manager, you can also enjoy the personal data and form-filing feature. Again, this is very simple and easy, and saves you lots of trouble and time. The coolest thing about this software is that you can enjoy the free service, although you may have to subscribe for the paid one if you want to get the Premium. The free standard and the Premium aren’t too much different, but if you want to add mobile app functionality, it is only offered for the Premium package. You only have to pay $1 on monthly basis for the Premium; how cool is that?

Another handy program is Dashlane, which can be used for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. Using this program is simple and basically free of charge, as long as you are using the regular and standard features, like autofill or password manager. However, if you want to sync the data into different devices or back it up into the cloud system, it will cost you $30 for a year worth of service. Remember, $30 is for yearly cost, not monthly. The great thing about this software is that you can keep important and personal data like IDs, passwords, and credit cards through secured and protected system that only you can use and access. What make this service different from the others is the color-coded system and the usage of logos, so you can always find the websites easily.

Few Best Password Manager on The Web dahslane

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Backblaze Review: Unlimited Online Backup Service

If you have a lot of important file, which consist of precious picture of your family, videos of your holiday or even your urgent office work. You should try to get online backup service for that file from Backblaze which offers many kinds of feature which very useful for you. According to Backblaze, when you want to backup your data it usually need a lot of effort since the long time they need to backup your data, especially if you need to do it manually.

Backblaze review

But with Backblaze backup service all you need to do is download and install the application. Then the application would run in your background service to upload your data so you would not need to do anything at all. You could even check the progress on the bar application which will show you the progress of uploading your file. You could see how much file left to backup complete with the number file. If you log into your account of the Backblaze website, you could even see clearer data complete with estimation on how much time left to finish the backup of your file to the Backblaze storage system.

More on Backblaze, you could find many setting for your backing up process that you usually could not find on other service. The default setting will use all of your Internet bandwidth so you would upload the file faster. But if you want to, you could change the setting to limit the allocation of the bandwidth so you could use it to access Internet with other application.

There is also option to pause the backing up process that would be very useful if you need to use your full internet bandwidth. The backup could be start manually or you could schedule a backup for every interval you set on the application. The continuous backup feature will allow the application to continuously backup your file even when the first backup has complete. That way every time there is new file on your computer, then it will be automatically stored on the Backblaze storage system.

The smart feature of Backblaze could choose which file to upload so the application would automatically skip any file in your operating system. Moreover operating system file which hidden in your storage would also be skip since you would not need them in the future. There are also feature where you could skip the whole location that you do not want to backup to your Backblaze storage system.Backblaze review

According to Backblaze review site, the best thing from this storage system is their ability to encrypt the data you upload on their storage system. They use AES encryption in military grade when transferring the file over SSL connection that has been secured to upload the file on the Backblaze storage center. The only person who could decrypt your file is yourself since it would need your email address and password to do it. With this the security problem which most storage system do not have, is available on the Backblaze storage system.

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Online Backup Service: How to Find The One You Need

You need to make a decision of choosing an online backup service that will cater to your needs. Unfortunately, such business is booming now and you will be lost among myriads of providers if you don’t really understand what you want and need. To make sure that you choose only the right provider and service for your needs, here are the basic yet important features to consider about.

Online Backup Service- How to Find The One You NeedThe first one is the ability to provide backup and restore functionality. The idea of having online backup service is to provide hassle free and simple arrangement for your data keeping. You need to find a provider that can offer easy, simple, enjoyable, and also automatic data backup service. Good provider should be able to offer both manual and auto features, so you can adjust the setting you want or go back and forth without trouble. Look for provider that can offer flexible schedule or tweak for the backup, file achieves for older files, and also provide different formats for the saved files. You can also choose a provider that provides easy access – as long as there is Internet connection – with online and offline possibility, or sharing feature. Being able to share your data is nice, and lots of providers are offering such thing.

online_backup_service top notch securityThe second one is the security. Good provider should have top-notch security. They should provide military grade encryption feature, they can also ensure the safety of the file or the link before and after the backup is done. A provider that uses its own data center is more solid and safer than those using third party data center. It is also a good idea to find a provider that is offering multiple data centers in different locations, in case the main database is compromised. Such provider really takes a further and safe precaution for their clients’ satisfaction. Some providers even offer cool remote wipe feature for the added security. Remote wipe feature enables you to delete your data from afar in case there is theft or being in other compromising situation.

mobile access online backupThe third one is the mobile access. Aside from the fact that most online backup providers offer top-notch cloud system, you should also be given flexibility and easiness to access your account through any mobile devices. Some providers have provided service that is compatible with Android, iOS, or Windows Phone devices, so storing, accessing, viewing, or uploading the data will be much easier, simpler, and faster. Keep in mind, though, that some providers may set up limits for the access. For instance, you can easily access or view your files in any device you have, but when it comes to uploading, you can only do so from a specific device – such as your main computer or tablet. If you want a greater flexibility and easiness, you should find a provider that offers greater freedom where sharing or access is granted on various operating systems and for various devices.

Good providers should have reliable customer service as well as technical support The fourth one is the support and help. Good providers should have reliable customer service as well as technical support that can be reached through any possible means: live chat, toll free phone, and emails. It would be nice if they also have user forums as well as tutorials, so clients can have very nice and fun backup experience. Technical support that is available 24/7 and provides fast response is mostly liked and favored. It gives clients a peace of mind, knowing that help is near.

If you want to make sure that your data is well kept and you won’t constantly be worried about losing one, online backup service is the best way to think about. It is simple, easy, effective, and also affordable. Be sure to choose a provider with rich and various features – especially the ones that can protect your precious data. Read some online backup service reviews carefully and always test out the free trials if possible.

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